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Anxiety is very common and can range from general feelings of anxiousness or nervousness, to full-blown panic attacks which can leave you less able to think clearly or act in a calm and rational manner. Some people continue through life never really overcoming their anxiety and consequently not achieving their full potential often because they take their anxiety for granted as part of their personality and don’t realise that it is entirely curable. Hypnotherapy has a very clear and widely acknowledged role in doing this.

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety And Panic Attacks.

Anxiety and panic are simply processes that we have learned and as with all learning it is impossible to unlearn it consciously. Hypnotherapy and NLP access these sub-conscious processes and help you to unlearn them. Panic attacks can occur in seemingly harmless situations and many report them occurring ‘out of the blue’.Using Hypnotherapy and NLP Diana can teach you to control your breathing, thus lowering your heart rate. You will then be able to relax at the onset of a panic attack, thus reducing the levels of anxiety and stopping the panic attack from taking place.

Anxiety may be holding you back in your life and career, but you may not appreciate this entirely until you experience life free of these disorders. Contact Diana if you experience anxiety or panic to discuss how she can help you.

Clinical hypnotherapist for phobias London Treatments cost between £80 – £120 per hour (for booked program rates please enquire)

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