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Hypnobirthing is a rewarding and stress free method of birthing without the excruciating pain that many mothers experience and with little or no pain medication.

Alleviate labour pain and stress.

Hypnobirth will assist and encourage the woman to let go of stress and fears whilst giving them the confidence to realise that their body is designed to give birth naturally.

Fear creates tension, stress and pain where as in Hypnobirth you will feel in control, and be in control. You can discover that pain is not inevitable, learn to release fears and anxiety you may carry from previous births. Research has shown that 70% of women using Hypnobirth experience childbirth without any medical intervention.

Before I studied Hypnotherapy my own experience of giving birth was stressful. My panic and fear prevented me from being able to do the work naturally, to take control and consequently I had an epidural and doctors did the work.

In my practice as a Hypnotherapist I have therefore been driven to help other mothers in a way which I wish had been available to me. I have seen many mothers now benefit from my Hypnobirth plans; My first client for Hypnobirth wrote to thank me after the birth of her first child, describing her experience as ’almost pain free and enjoyable’. The plans I have designed involve a very deep relaxation technique (not a deep trance). The woman is very aware and conscious during the birth. The unconscious mind is much more powerful than our conscious mind… this allows you to be in control. Contact me if you would like to know more about my Hypnobirth Plans.

Hypnotherapist for hypnobirth London Treatments cost between £80 – £120 per hour (for booked program rates please enquire)

Diana’s Hypnobirth Plans.

My Hypnobirth RelaX3 Plan involves 3 sessions srtarting at around 30 weeks and completing before 38 weeks. The focus is to prepare mind and body for the event. This is the minimum I would recommend and gives the mother the necessary Hypnotherapy for the birth.

Price: £300

My Hypnobirth RelaX5 Plan involves 5 sessions srtarting earlier and completing before 38 weeks. The focus is also to prepare mind and body for the event. This is the most popular treatment as it goes that bit deeper and gives much more support.

Price: £450

My Hypnobirth Relax +1 Plan is tailored in many ways to suit you. Together we plan the optimum number of sessions for you and we can discuss my accompanying you at the birth if prefered.

Price: call for details

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