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Hypnotherapy for Quit Smoking London

Diana has been widely acclaimed for her astoundingly successful and unique ‘Quit Smoking Program’. After only one hour, you’ll leave a happy non-smoker, not feeling deprived, not feeling that you made a sacrifice, and not feeling any pain. Instead you’ll feel a huge sense of relief and elation that you have at last achieved what most smokers take a lifetime to achieve – you’ll have become a happy, permanent non-smoker.

Why we smoke?

Quitting smoking is notoriously difficult. Above all cravings, smoking is one of the strongest and the most deadly. More than half of all smokers will die of illnesses related to smoking. It is also become considered as an ugly habit, makes you smell, and is extremely expensive: Smoking an average of 20 per day will amount to over £3k per year.

But any smoker knows all this so why not give up? The answer is ultimately the same all over the world. It all comes down to one thing… FEAR! Fear that you’ll have to give up your crutch or pleasure. Fear that you won’t be able to enjoy life or handle stress without it. Fear that you will put on weight. Fear that you’ll have to go through an awful trauma to get free. Fear that you’ll never get completely free of craving. Fear that it is going to be too painful and too difficult!

Smoking is a habit, it is controlled by the unconscious mind. Since hypnosis and NLP work directly with the unconscious, this is the only method that makes sense! Diana can help you effortlessly transition into the healthy lifestyle of a happy non-smoker – it only takes one hour to quit!

Diana’s Quit Smoking Program

Diana’s unique approach uses advanced hypnotherapy techniques, and combines this with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), taking the hypnosis to an even greater level of effectiveness.

One of the reasons why it’s not painful or difficult to stop smoking with this method, in fact one of the reasons why it is so easy, is that the pleasure derived from smoking is transferred to a healthier habit of your choice (e.g. exercise, drinking more water or relaxation). This is the reason why, with Diana, there is NO unwanted weight gain or other problems associated with kicking the habit – the only side effects are an increase in health, wealth and freedom.

95% stop in just one hour

The first and utmost important factor for the technique to be effective is your true willingness to give up smoking. Given that Diana has a success rate of 95% of one hour habit kickers, the remaining 5% needed additional sessions to stop.

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